Bex Intercâmbio Cultural

BEX - Brazilian Exchange, is a Brazilian organization specialized in cultural exchange programs and language courses abroad, in partnership with more than 200 institutions all over the world. BEX has more than 22 years of experience within the international education market, and has sent more than 13 thousand students and professionals to study abroad. BEX Head Office is located in the city of Salvador, and has regional offices in other cities such as São Paulo, Campinas, São José dos Campos, Niterói, Porto Alegre, Bento Gonçalves, Rio do Sul, João Pessoa, Aracaju and Lauro de Freitas.

BEX has a dynamic, motivated and professional staff, who knows cultural exchange like no one else. They are the Educational Counselors, all with international experience and trained to offer a personalized and high quality counseling service. At BEX, the client has the opportunity to choose the type of program that best fits their needs. They can also choose the location, start date and duration of the program.

BEX is a full member of BELTA - Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association, the only recognized Brazilian association which represents the major companies in Brazil specialized in International Education.

BEX Mission

To promote International Education, in order to develop personal, academic and cultural formation, with an outstanding way of serving our clients.

If you are interested in more information about BEX, please feel free to contact our Head Office.

BEX Head Office

Av. Tancredo Neves, 1543, sala 902
Salvador, BA, 41820-021, Brazil
Telephone: 55-71-2109-0888
Fax: 55-71-2109-0880

Please see below all BEX regional offices in Brazil

São Paulo
São José dos Campos
Porto Alegre
Bento Gonçalves
Rio do Sul
João Pessoa
Lauro de Freitas